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1 December 2022  |  

Australia’s global greenhouse emissions escalate with rise in coal and gas exports

The latest export figures released in October by the Chief Economist show that Australia continues to be the one of the world’s largest fossil fuel exporters. At nearly 200 mega tonnes we are the second largest exporter of thermal coal after Indonesia, and at 81mega tonnes we are the equal large...

1 December 2022  |  

Disaster Insurance needs a ‘Medicare style’ approach

Dec 1 Insurance horrors will escalate without a fairer home insurance model We must prepare to experience extreme weather events like damaging floods, bushfires and cyclones into the future – according to the latest CSIRO State of the Climate report out this week, while hundreds of thousand...

22 November 2022  |  

Australia and COP27

The COP27 meeting in Egypt must ultimately be judged a failure. While the inclusion of loss and damage in the final deal was a step forward, we can’t ignore that after nearly 30 years of COP the world still can’t agree to phase out fossil fuels as part of the agreements. The 636 representativ...

18 November 2022  |  

COP26 leaves too many loopholes

For the Glasgow climate summit to be judged a success, a key outcome had to be that parties agree the majority of the world’s fossil fuel reserves need to be left in the ground. As recent research suggests, 89% of coal and 59% of gas reserves need to stay in the ground if there’s to be even a...

18 November 2022  |  

To walk the talk on climate, Labor must come clean about the future for coal and gas

Australia’s climate election has been won. Now comes the harder part. It’s now entirely possible we could see a government committed to domestic climate action, speeding up the exit of coal and gas from our grid and electrifying transport –while still exporting vast quantities of fossil fu...

18 November 2022  |  

Closing the Mt Arthur coal mine

Mt Arthur the canary of stranded assets The decision by BHP to decommission NSW’s largest coal mine, Mt Arthur, 15 years early has huge significance well beyond the Hunter valley, local residents and employees and the company itself. This mine closure is a test of whether governments and th...

11 November 2022  |  

Global Carbon Budget 2022 shows no sign of decrease in global CO2 emissions

Global Carbon Budget 2022 shows no sign of decrease in global CO2 emissions Instead of being on track to reduce emissions, the latest data from The Global Carbon Budget (2022) shows global fossil CO2 emissions are projected to rise by 1.0% in 2022. The report says that if current emissions lev...

14 December 2020  |  Ethics and Exports, Climate Justice Beyond the State

The Paris Agreement 5 years on: big coal exporters like Australia face a reckoning

On Saturday, more than 70 global leaders came together at the UN’s Climate Ambition Summit, marking the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. Prime Minister Scott Morrison was denied a speaking slot, in recognition of Australia’s failure to set meaningful climate commitments. Meanwhile, t...

Protestors calling for climate justice for current and future generations
9 September 2020  |  Climate Justice Beyond the State

The Moral Case for Climate Action

Why should Australians take action on climate change? This is often thought of as an environmental question, a health question, or an economic question. But, more fundamentally, it is a moral question. The moral case for stronger Australian action on climate change comes from five different argument...

8 July 2020  |  Ethics and Exports

New report: ‘Australia: an emissions super-power’

Download the full report here Newly released data from the Office of the Chief Economist shows Australia is increasing it’s contribution to global climate change. New government figures show that the GHG emissions from Australia’s exported fossil fuels have increased 4.4% between 2018 to 2019 ...

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