Export emissions interactive tool

The export emissions tool displays the emissions produced from the fossil fuels exported from Australia, Norway, Canada and the USA. The tool shows exported CO2-e. The tool allows the user to view the exported emissions produced by fuel, year and country. The tool also has a ‘responsibility bar’ that allows the user to attribute responsibility for emissions based on how much responsibility they think the exporting country should have. For a discussion of this issue see the article ‘The Morality of Exports’.

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0.5 Gigatonne CO2-e
500 Megatonne CO2-e
500000 Tonne CO2-e
*Exported carbon dioxide equivalent

Data visualisation

  • australian emissions
  • Over time: 1970 - 2019
  • Compared with other nations
  • Paris target emissions
  • Compared to global annual emissions
Data from the National Inventory Submissions 2019 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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