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The Climate Justice Project provides accessible discussions of climate justice and related issues. The site focuses mainly on the moral issues that are raised by climate change. The data was compiled with the help of Dr Dimitri Lafleur, and the website and data visualisation built by Matthew Copeland from Copeland Creative.

Professor Jeremy Moss, Director: Practical Justice Initiative

Email: j.moss@unsw.edu.au

Dr Daniel Burkett, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email: daniel.burkett@unsw.edu.au

Eleanor Buckley, Digital Producer

Email: e.buckley@unsw.edu.au

Kitty-Jean Laginha, Research Assistant

Email: k.laginha@unsw.edu.au

Persephone Fraser, Research Assistant

Email: persephone.fraser@unsw.edu.au

Dr Véronique Lago, Research Assistant

Email: v.lago@unsw.edu.au