Discussion Topic: Carbon Majors

Australia is the world’s sixteenth biggest GHG emitting country. But within Australia’s borders there is a larger contributor to climate change: the companies that extract coal, gas and oil and sell them worldwide. These huge companies are the carbon majors.

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3 June 2020

Matt Canavan says Australia doesn’t subsidise the fossil fuel industry, an expert says it does

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan on Monday night denied suggestions the government subsidises Australia’s fossil fuel industry. The comments prompted a swift response from some social media users, who cited evidence to the contrary. Canavan was responding to a viewer question on ABC’...

carbon majors
10 October 2019

Carbon majors

The emissions produced from the fossil fuels extracted by Australia’s major gas, coal and oil producing companies – “carbon majors” – such as BHP, Glencore and Yancoal, are now larger than all Australia’s domestic emissions. While these companies, and Australia itself, have no legal r...