Australia’s global greenhouse emissions escalate with rise in coal and gas exports

1 December 2022  |  

The latest export figures released in October by the Chief Economist show that Australia continues to be
the one of the world’s largest fossil fuel exporters. At nearly 200 mega tonnes we are the second
largest exporter of thermal coal after Indonesia, and at 81mega tonnes we are the equal largest
exporter of liquid natural gas (LNG).

No mention is made of the volume of GHG emissions that will be released by these fossil fuel
exports, but UNSW Professor and climate justice expert Professor Jeremy Moss calculates that the
emissions from Australia’s fossil fuel exports are double the amount of Australia’s domestic
emissions and five times the amount of the projected annual emissions cuts under the govt’s 43%
reduction target.

Australia’s exported emissions are around 30% larger than Germany’s domestic emissions, which
has three times our population and much more heavy industry.