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News: COP25, solar desalination plants and UNEP set-backs

From the Director: COP25 - cutting emissions is not enough The latest round of UN climate negotiations - COP 25 – began in Madrid this week. The Conference will attempt to make progress on ramping up measures to meet domestic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But one thing that COP 25 is un...


News: Fire warnings, protests and individual action

The crisis a long time coming Scientists at the CSIRO predicted in 1987 that devastating fires would be more likely to occur due to climate change. Dr. Tom Beer, who was responsible for the study connecting fire danger with climate change, blames fossil fuel lobbyists for action not being taken to...


News: Trump’s failure, boycotting, and a new law set to disregard scope 3 emissions

A set back in global leadership: is it time to start focusing on sub-national actors? In the US, President Trump has begun what will be a year long process of formally leaving the Paris Agreement. The world’s second largest emitting country leaving the global agreement on emissions reduction has...

University of Sheffield
8 July 2019  |  Climate Change, Deforestation

Climate change and deforestation together push tropical species towards extinction

Only 38 per cent of tropical forest is 'wildlife friendly' as a result of deforestation, increasing the likelihood that vulnerable species will go extinct, say scientists. Researchers from the University of Sheffield and University of York have discovered how deforestation and climate change ...

dead fish climate
Council of Canadian Academies
8 July 2019  |  Climate Change, Climate Risks

Top climate risks for Canada, potential for adaptation

An expert panel convened by the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has identified Canada's top climate change risks and determined that many costs and damages could be avoided with prompt and thoughtful adaptation. Canada's climate is changing, with recent research showing that temperatures ...

drought stranded boat
University of New South Wales
8 July 2019  |  Drought

Indian Ocean causes drought and heatwaves in South America

New research has found the record-breaking South American drought of 2013/14 with its succession of heatwaves and long lasting marine heatwave had its origins in a climate event half a world away -- over the Indian Ocean. The findings published in Nature Geoscience by an international researc...

floating iceberg
University of Wyoming
10 July 2019  |  Climate Change, Climate Risks, Deforestation, Drought

Researchers discover ice is sliding toward edges off Greenland Ice Sheet

Ice on the Greenland Ice Sheet doesn't just melt. The ice actually slides rapidly across its bed toward the ice sheet's edges. As a result, because ice motion is from sliding as opposed to ice deformation, ice is being moved to the high-melt marginal zones more rapidly than previously thought. ...