What is the Future for Australia’s Fossil Fuel Exports?

1 October 2019

Show Notes

Australia is now the largest exporter of coal in the world. The emissions produced from Australia’s exports are twice that of our domestic exports. Avoiding the worst of climate change requires that fossil fuel use, including from exports, is phased out. Three experts discuss if it is possible and what considerations need to be made.

  • Tim Buckley is the Director of Energy Finance Studies Australasia at the Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis (IEEFA). Tim has 30 years financial markets experience, now providing public interest related financial analysis in the seaborne coal and electricity sectors for IEEFA, studying energy efficiency and renewables across China, Japan and India, and the resulting stranded asset risks in Australia. Tim was co-founder of a start-up global listed clean energy equities fund, and from 1998 to 2007 was Managing Director at Citigroup, Head of Australasian Equity Research.
  • Stuart Palmer is Head of Ethics Research at Australian Ethical Investment. Stuart evaluates the impacts that companies’ products, services and operations have on people, animals and the environment. He also contributes to Australian Ethical’s advocacy for more sustainable business and investment models and practices. Stuart has previously worked with the Ethics Centre and as a banker and lawyer.
  • Corinne Schoch is the Senior Adviser of the Global Compact Network Australia. She brings with her 10 years’ experience in the climate and development sector. Her professional experience includes providing climate change adaptation/mitigation and sustainable development technical support to a diverse set of institutions, communities, and government departments. Her work focuses on addressing the risks that climate change poses to key thematic, sectoral, policy and organisational plans, programs and strategies.

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